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Site Name & Link Contribution
Poné Ensemble for New Music
January 2016. Began hosting and maintaining this website.
Westchester-Putnam Approved Soccer Referee Organization
Completed summer 2010. Another site which has the capability for the organizatin to update most of the "changable" information on their own. Messages, Officer contacts. Meetings, etc.
Mid-Hudson Soccer Officials Association
This is my largest project to date. The site includes a password protected Member Area and a secure Administrator Area. Since 2004.
The Bicycle Rack
My first web site. With assistance from Mike Kilmer. We constructed this site from scratch in 1999. The site continues to be maintained by Mike.
Alan & Margarete Stout
This is our Personal Web Site. It is a simple online photo album that allows our friends and relatives to stay up-to-date with our lives.

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